We operate at the intersection of cutting-edge cyber security technologies, intelligence analysis and business consulting.

As part of General Dynamics, a leading Fortune 100 company, we have the resources, structure and stability you can trust as a long-term business partner. 

Grounded in our work for the Intelligence Community, we prioritize intelligence and analysis over technology. Our focus is on protecting your company’s critical intellectual property (I.P.) and core business functions. 

Our strategies have been perfected through more than 40 years of providing critical support to the Intelligence and defense Communities. We employ the most qualified cyber security workforce available to the private sector, operating approximately 15 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) across the world. 

Our approach allows our clients to buy an outcome – security – not simply a series of responses to discrete cyber events.


The current product-focused mentality of cyber security solutions creates blind spots, leaving critical security gaps exposed. Our approach eliminates those blind spots.

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We retain the most qualified cyber security workforce available to the private sector. Our analysts are trained in cyber intelligence tradecraft and threats to understand how the adversaries work.

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We understand specific security event threats, determine the effectiveness of existing security systems, identify security gaps and make sure you are in compliance with our services.  

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The Power of Military-Grade Cyber Security

Today’s businesses are facing cyber threats that are rising in both severity and sophistication. According to the annual IDG Global State of Information Security survey, 38% more cyber security incidents were reported by businesses in 2015 than in 2014.

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